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“Dear Dr. Hill –

“I cannot tell you how pleased I am with my brand new smile! I love it! Thank you so very much for the excellent care you and your staff have provided. From the very beginning everyone was professional, knowledgeable, and most importantly, patient with me as I walked through this process. Having braces as an adult is not easy, but I am so glad that I did it and that I did it with K. HILL ORTHODONTICS. You all are the best! See you in six months!”

— Vicki


“From the beginning of Jordan’s treatment, Dr. Hill’s office has been completely professional and accommodating. The office is extremely pleasant and the treatment process was so smooth. We were so happy, and my son has a GORGEOUS smile as a result of Dr. Hill’s and her staff’s amazing orthodontic service. Thank you!!!”

— Lisa


“My wife and I were a little nervous about getting braces for our daughter, but Dr. Hill and her staff were very nice and pleasant. They explained the process every step of the way. They were also great with our daughter in explaining the process to her and making every visit a great one. We are very pleased with the results and our daughter is very happy with her new transformation. We will gladly recommend Dr. Hill to our family and friends. Thank you, Dr. Hill and staff!”

— Dennis


“I’ve had braces before, but never understood what they were doing to help. When we changed our orthodontist to Dr. Hill, she always told me what she was working on. They always made sure no wires were poking and that I was comfortable. They told me what to do to get my braces off sooner. When I got them off, they made sure I wasn’t in any pain and cleaned my teeth. Now I love my smile!”

— Deborah


“Thank you Dr. Hill!

“Prior to coming to you I hated my smile. I was so scared to smile because I thought my teeth were a mess. Now that my teeth are straight and fixed, I smile all the time. Sometimes I smile just because I know my teeth are fixed and beautiful. Dr. Hill, you gave me my smile back and I am so happy! I can say cheese and not shy away from the camera!”

— Charmaine


“Dr. Hill has a very friendly environment, and is immediately here to help when something goes wrong.”

— Tiffany


“K. Hill Orthodontics is an excellent place. I think they give the best treatment and everyone is caring. In my opinion, this place is the best place to get braces. I am thankful for the excellent staff this office has.”

— Gustavo


“My experience with K. Hill Orthodontics has been great! Appointments were more or less relaxing and I often looked forward to them. I got my braces off about four months before my estimated time with them ended. I am glad I was referred to K. Hill Orthodontics for the straightening of my teeth and would recommend it to anyone for a more confident smile.”

— LinDon


“It’s been great working with Dr. Hill and her staff! I couldn’t be happier with my smile!”

— Belinda


“I loved it! Felt like a family here. I’ll miss all of you! Thanks!”

— Nina

"Dr. Hill,
We want to thank you and your staff for all the efforts you put into improving Kaylen’s smile.  As you know, this is our second daughter that you provided with orthodontics care, but a stubborn tooth in this episode made things more challenging for us all.  Thank you for identifying the problem early on before Kaylen’s regular dentist discovered it and for providing an excellent referral to Dr. O, the oral surgeon.

The K. Hill Orthodontics practice is a wonderful example of what great health care should look like. The office is clean and efficient. The Staff is personable and courteous. Most importantly, the individualized professional care you provided our daughters and the end results you delivered (in their new beautiful smiles) makes us big fans of your practice.Thank you, thank you, thank you."
~ Erwin and Karen

" I would like to thank Dr. Hill and the whole staff for making my daughter's dream come true. A few years ago, Ivy came in with very crooked teeth. Now she can't stop smiling. Thank you all for making this process as smooth as possible. Staff is always pleasant and greeted us with a smile! We are so glad to have met you."
~ Ivy M.